Every voyage is unique, but our approach is the same.

Mariner Institutional Consulting operates according to an empirical and fact-based investment philosophy, which is applied consistently to everything we do, whether for multibillion-dollar plans or for small family offices. Broadly, we believe:

  • Documentation and careful planning are critical to your organization’s success.
  • Strategic allocation will drive the vast majority of outcomes and must be given tremendous attention.
  • Decisions of implementation must be both cost- and risk-justified at every step of the process.
  • Effective monitoring and critical feedback are key to ongoing success and evolution.

To help your organization achieve its goals, we need to fully understand its resources, objectives, limitations and tolerances. Only then can we begin to work together on a strategy. Our process is iterative and designed to assist institutional investors like you in understanding the inherent trade-offs between opportunities and the risks that accompany them. The organization and execution of an effective long-term investment strategy requires that all outcomes, both good and bad, short-term and long-term, be clearly understood—so that the strategy’s benefits can survive over the time frame necessary to realize the expected opportunity. This requires a break from conventional methods and a focus on what matters most in the investment process and in your organization’s investment outcomes.

As your organization makes progress, we will carefully analyze outcomes and suggest modifications as appropriate.


Chart Your Course

During this phase, we will outline what we hope to achieve collectively and, more critically, establish the parameters by which we expect to realize these results. This includes:

  • Creation of written policies and procedures
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Prioritizing and describing key objectives and constraints, including enterprise risk tolerance

Set sail

With a clear picture of where you’d like to go, together we will design and implement an investment strategy aimed at helping your organization get there. This phase includes:

  • Asset or asset-liability modeling
  • Strategic allocation setting
  • Effective, efficient implementation
  • Risk measurement and management

Adjust your heading

Things may change as your journey continues. This phase is designed to identify those changes and adjust your plan accordingly, ensuring that it is always moving you toward your objectives. This includes:

  • Monitoring of program management and outcomes
  • Assessing effectiveness and performance
  • Analysis of new opportunities or challenges
  • Ongoing structural reviews of policy and program
How to set up our investment policies and guidelines. Help in determining the potential risks within our investment strategy. How can we educate our board on our investment process? Determining if our portfolio is right for our goals.