Why Us

Why You Should Partner With Mariner Institutional Consultants

Why chart your course with Mariner Institutional Consulting?

1. Our clients’ needs come first. We provide independent, unbiased and objective advice based solely on your organization’s unique needs, resources, constraints and objectives.

2. You receive the highest level of care because we focus on maintaining a limited number of high-quality relationships. We have no interest in being the biggest—only offering the best service we can for you.

3. Your organization benefits from the diverse institutional backgrounds and decades of practical investing experience of our consultants, giving you the ideal combination of expertise and experience.

Your investment programs are built around clearly defined concepts and beliefs that you and those you serve can readily understand and easily articulate. Process, transparency and communication are at the heart of everything we do.

4. We recognize that many institutions face a multitude of interests from a range of perspectives. We help you focus on serving the different needs of your institution’s various constituents.

5. Our approach is designed to assist institutional investors like you with the development of an effective long-term investment strategy, while recognizing the challenges you face in the short-term.

We emphasize processes grounded in good governance and focused on managing what matters most.