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About Mariner Institutional Consulting

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Knowing where you want to go is one thing; knowing how to get there is another. Mariner Institutional Consulting offers independent and objective advice at any or every stage of the investment process, which provides clients a sophisticated partner in overseeing those who manage assets on your behalf. Our role remains fluid to meet the needs of clients like you, allowing us to provide a variety of core consulting services, as well as specialty services in any combination. No matter the size of your organization (or the size of your goals), Mariner Institutional Consulting is dedicated to giving you the personalized, conflict-free advice you need to pursue your objectives. We do not recommend proprietary or affiliated products, and we do not charge ancillary fees for services. All of our energy and focus is on helping you achieve your objectives.

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Our relationship with Mariner, and its family of companies, allows us to leverage powerful tools and resources, but we will never recommend one of its products. Our loyalty lies solely with you.


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